Our new milestone..teaching to potty train

When I decided to potty train my son I knew I had to make it appealing for my son like getting him stuff of his favorite characters. He loves Disney Cars, Sesame Street and anything that makes noise.

I try to read about it and see what try it out and see what worked for me. A few of the tips that have worked for me are:


 Pull-Ups* Big Kid App works perfect you could add reminder and track every incident. You could even program it for a Disney Character to call your child. He loves it when he gets special calls.

Whenever he pees or does  #2 I say it loud. I make him repeat to his dad what he did(Good or Bad).  I try to remind he is supposed to pee or do #2. Every flush counts!!



It is not an easy task. My son knows where he has to pee and do his #2 but my biggest issue right now is that he does NOT tell me when he needs to pee or do # 2. He only uses it as an excuse to not go to sleep when is night time or his nap time. I try to not get him used to not having pull ups all day and wear his undies.  I know that not all kids are the same but I am not sure what is a time frame for potty training

It has helped us bond and be more alert of when he has to pee or more or less what time he does it. I try to give him a lot of liquids during the day so he gets used to peeing. I try to eliminate liquids before he goes to bed.  I love it when he wakes up with a dry pull up :).

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