Open Letter to My King

32 years ago, God gifted me to you. How I wish I could turn the clock and be there for your reaction. I wish I could feel the beat of your heart the first time you held me. I wish I could see the glow in your eyes when I first called you “papi” or the first time I ran and hugged you. I wish I could feel your sense of accomplishment the first time I wrote my name or read a book all by myself.

If only for a second you could feel how proud I’ve always been to have the privilege of being your daughter. I wish you knew that more than anything I wish I could rewind and take all the pain I have caused you away and replace them with hugs and kisses. I wish that I can somehow become a miniature version of my Alter ego and be the Cancer fighting Wonder Woman chemo can not be. I even wish that God chose me and not you.

Daddy you are a greater person than I will ever be and a person, a man that does not deserve this. You taught me to be a man even if I was a girl. You taught me that falling does not equal failure, it just makes us stronger. You taught me that tears are not signs of weakness but, signs of fearlessness. You taught me that giving up isn’t an option and that not being the best is ok.

You showed me to love myself. You showed me to believe in myself. You showed me how beautiful I was and advised me that I needed no one to rectify that for me. You allowed me to be spoiled, a princess and a brat.You gave me the gift of good education and faith. You flourished my love for reading and welcomed my passion for writing. You opened my mind, body and soul to the art of music.

You scolded me when I needed and continue to this day. You always reassured me that my brother and you and mami loved me no matter how much I did not believe it.You accepted all my faults, anger and rebellion. You accepted me back in your home, after I probably disgraced you. You never let me fall again and helped me raise my baby with love.

You’ve made a mold in my heart and in my soul that can never be recreated.

I apologize for the times I doubted you, for the times I betrayed and dishonored you.

I thank you for life, for love and for happiness. I thank you for being my hero, my king, my daddy!

“En vida quisas una mujer puede querer a muchos hombres, pero en vida y eternidad una mujer siempre sera nina y solo amar a un hombre, su papa.” WW

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