My Groupon deal for Bliss & Care Spa

My Sunday started out at a Spa Day  at Bliss & Care Spa.  My friend and I decided to get a deal on Groupon for ourselves and our mothers for Mother’s day.  We made an appointment at their Queens location.  As we are walking there it didn’t look like a “Spa” but when we went inside it looked nicer. I didn’t like the idea of doing two of us at time. The package included an hour massage and an hour facial and a 10 minute foot massage.  

 We did not want to spend the whole day there but we did not have any choice there was only two girls working which meant only ONE for the facial and ONE for the massage. So we decided to let our mothers go first. We had two hours to kill we went to H & M and bought a few things. 

We returned to the Spa to get our package done.  The girl that did my massage SUCKED! She kept looking at the time as she was doing the massage.  She did not seem like she enjoyed her job period! Maybe because she had to be there on a Sunday but hey that’s not my fault.  After she finished doing my massage we were supposed to rotate so she could do my friend next but NOPE it was her break time. It explains why she was no so enthusiastic about my massage. This wasn’t my first massage experience but my first experience with Bliss & Care Spa.

Overall I would not go back to this Spa. I did not like their massage. The girl that did my facial was good until we notice when we left the place that she did not clean ANY of us well.  We still had stains from all the products she used. I will be researching about other spa’s and actually read their reviews.

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