My Fitness Pal

When I started to change the way I ate I downloaded an app called My Fitness Pal  and out of all the ones I “tried” this one helped me the most. It helped keep track of everything I ate and how many calories I was having. You have to create a profile which you could sync with your facebook and you could find friends that are using the same App.

My Fitness Pal is available for all devices 

My Fitness Pal is available for:

IOS Devices




My thoughts on My Fitness Pal….

When I first started using it I did not want to lose more than 5lb BUT it was reality check to everything I ate. So I was more self conscious about calories and everything I ate. It keeps track of all my calories and if I have anything left over. According to my weight and height I should consume 1,200 calories. I had to make sure I did not go over my limir but they were many days that I ate under my goal. It also keeps track of my calories that I burned when I worked out which is a credit to my balance. I have lost 10lb so far now I need to increase my weight in muscles I need to increase my protein .

I suggest for you to add your friends so it motivates you and keeps you on your toes. My friends could see if I haven‘t used the app in a few days. If I didn’t add my work- out etc. So it is a fun competition.

This is a MUST have application. GET IT NOW on your phone. 

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