Movie: That’s My Boy

 Last night we went to see That’s My Boy starring Adam Sandler & Andy Sandberg. I like Adam Sandler’s movies.  This is a story about a Father and Son. The dad(Adam Sandler) became very famous and spent all his money which basically made him broke. He ends up finding out that he owes a lot of money to the IRS. 

The movie is about Adam Sandler’s journey trying to get the money to pay the IRS. His son (Andy Sandberg) is a  successful business man which he lost contact with. Todd Patterson  (Andy Sandberg) is engaged to one of my favorite characters from Gossip Girls  Leighton Meester. There are many funny moments in the movie and it made me laugh out loud. 

I have a thing for movies being RATED R because the humor is more ADULT (well DUH) but if it is a comedy, drama, or any adult like movie I prefer not to watch it if it is PG-13.

I like to rate my movies either by MOVIES or DVD material. I recommend to go watch That’s My Boy at the Movie Theater. Click here to watch a preview and locate your closest theater.

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