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I participated in a teleconference with Dr. Andres Cotton and Jeannette Kaplun Teleconference. It was very interesting to see other moms talking and asking questions about potty training. I wasn’t the only with the doubts or questions.

I learned new tips about potty training like

  • Being patient
  • When the child is ready..he is ready. We can’t force them to potty train
  • Celebrate their flushes but not every time because they will always expect it.
  • Be consistent! Which means todas las abuelas , tias, primas should be on the same age so there is consistency with potty training. 

 I learned that every child is different boy or girl. Todos tienen diferentes formas de demostrar que estan listos para usar el potty. Pero aprendi algo muy importante no importa que tan rapido nosotros los padres queramos que dejen de usar diapers, los unicos que saben cuando estan listos para dejas los diapers son nuestros hijos. El dia que ella so puedan expresar y saber cuando pueden ir al potty ellos mismos no lo dira.

I set up a sticker system for my son. Every time he does #2 he gets a sticker.  He loves stickers so I bought him a book a Disney Cars.

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