I got 99 problems and.. 

So I’ve always been a “sneaker head” but I don’t always get every single sneaker. I love Airmax, Jordan’s, Dunks and Converse. Lately they have been a few hot releases of J’s. So I just found out today all these 3 pairs come out this weekend 4/2/16. How can I budget for this? I know this might be outrageous to some of you because you might think why does she want sneakers.  

I am a COUPONER I love to save but as frugal as I might be. I save for the stuff I love. Some girls might want red bottoms I prefer sneakers. Don’t get me wrong I like dressing up but I know I would wear more a pair of sneakers that cost $120 than a pair of pumps of the same price. I won’t get all 3 pairs but I will definitely get ONE pair. I will post my pair as soon as I get it❤️.  

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