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When it comes to being a parent it could be different emotions from happy to stressful. Your life changes completely from being able to sleep all night to waking up every two hours with your newborn.  It is a different adventure from the time you are pregnant to every different stage as they get older.

I remember when I was pregnant I was worried about how I was not going to be a “good mom” and I recall my friends and family telling me that it would all come naturally. They were right. As soon as I gave birth I was able to know when my baby was sleepy, hungry or just had gas.

Society always talks about mothers and their children but barely ask talk about their dad and their emotions with being a parent or fatherhood.

I asked my husband about how has it been for him to be a dad of a 10 year old girl and 8 years later of  a boy. Different ages and stages.

Daddy to Daddy tips
  • Time- Appreciate every moment as much as possible. Time goes faster than you think and sometimes you end up missing out on things. Like their first words, first steps, first smile or giggle. You only get to have them for so long.
  • Patience- Kids do
  • Favorite- You will not always be their favorite or their best friend. Learn to be a parent first.
  • Balance-Learn to balance parenthood and personal time. As much as you love being a dad you could always use “Me” time.  If me time means taking time to watch your favorite show or play your favorite video game.
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