Don’t Forget Apple’s iOS 6…

Do not forget Apple’s iOS6 arrives today.  Apple’s latest software releases today, a few days before their new Iphone 5(which comes out on Friday). 

The software will be OTA(Over the air), so check your phones around 1PM Eastern Time that’s when it has been released for previous iOS.

Tips Before the Update

  • Do a back up of your Iphone in your computer just in case your run into any issues.
  • Make sure you have a full charge battery or a quick access to your charger.
  • If you want quicker and better results connect to a WI-fi network.

Remember some application will be buggy. Just be patient. If you did any modifications to your phone as in jailbreaking I suggest for you to wait. Since there might not be a jailbreak for this version yet.
If you run into any issues. I’ll be glad to help. Please share your experience with me :).

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