Chichito’s Second Birthday Ideas

September is only  2 months away! Chichito’s birthday is right around the corner and I have no idea what to do. He loves Mickey Mouse and Cars.  His first birthday was Curious George.

Now it would be either Mickey Mouse or how he calls it MOUSE or Cars.

First Birthday

My Little Boy

I have been looking on Pinterest one of my favorite sites for ANYTHING! I like to SEE so I need Pictures.

I like this cake.. It doesnt’t have too much going on

Most likely the party would be outdoors in a park or something. If the weather allows it. Last year it was easier since we rented a place and they almost did everything. But I was not happy with their service. I have been looking around for places around the area but it is very pricey and not long enough.

Since his birthday is in September the weather in New York should allow us to go to the park and just make like a BBQ or something like that.

I have been thinking about taking him to Disney World since he loves Mickey Mouse. We just get on a plane and take him to Disney. So I do not need to worry about birthday planning :)..

Another idea is also to do a party at his Daycare. Since those are the kids that he spends most of his time.

Decisions!!…Any Ideas on how you celebrated your children birthday?

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