The LEGO® Batman Movie

  If your kids are into LEGOS or superheroes like everyone at my house. You should see this preview for the The LEGO® Batman  Movie. This is a brand-new video featuring the best bad Batman, Will Arnett, caught in a sweet moment with picture of his dead parents by Alfred, voiced by Ralph Fiennes.  My

Listos con Pull Ups

I participated in a teleconference with Dr. Andres Cotton and Jeannette Kaplun Teleconference. It was very interesting to see other moms talking and asking questions about potty training. I wasn't the only with the doubts or questions.I learned new tips about potty training likeBeing patientWhen the child is ready..he is ready. We can't force them

Avenue Q

Last Thursday night I was invited to go see Avenue Q. This was a great Broadway Show! It was really funny but with a lot of truth. The characters mentioned a lot of current social issues like race, sexual preferences, graduating college and still unemployed.   The characters of the show were people and puppets