Android or Apple.

This is the main question that people used to ask me at work. “Which phone should I get” I started working for Sprint in 2007 before everything was about applications and touchscreens.  Having a PDA was a luxury. My first PDA was a Treo 650 which had a Palm OS.  At that time that was the coolest phone I ever owned after my Tmobile Sidekick. 
The needs of consumers are way more than back in 2007. People want a better camera, bigger screens and speed.  I owned all Operating Systems from Palm, Blackberry,Android and now I have the most wanted device an  Iphone

Working for Sprint for so many years, I won’t admit that I was brainwashed to sell ANY phone but an Iphone but we were trained to say that any phone was better than an Iphone. I loved all my Apple gadgets I had. I loved my Ipod, Itouch, Ipad and of course my Macbook Pro BUT if anyone mentioned and Iphone. I would always said I loved whatever phone I had at the time.
I still own an Android Gadget which is a Samsung Tablet 7 which works pretty cool but my son is the one that mostly uses it to draw and watch movies. The size of it is perfect to carry around.But I will be completely honest now. I LOVE MY IPHONE because I love how it synchronizes with my Macbook from pictures to documents.  
If I had to choose between any operating system I would choose Apple just because ALL my Gadgets are iOS.  It seems like I fell into the AppleMania.  But at the end of the day it is all up to the user. Some things or apps are more important to some that others. Some people could not get used to the size of an Iphone and preferred a keyboard or a bigger screen. Some were anti-Apple and felt like it was some kind of “against the religion” or like Apple users were a “Cult”. 
The OS you choose also depends on your web browser needs. If you need Flash or not, which is why people stick to Android. There are ways around using it on an Iphone but many websites have adapted their content to be compatible with an Iphone.
It is very hard to keep up with technology it changes every day and there are new updates, new apps, new devices coming out all the time.   I love reading about all these new devices and updates to operating systems regardless if it is APPLE or ANDROID.

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