A picture says a thousand words…

I started this journey back in April 2013… I did it because I was always tired and did not have enough energy to play with my son. I work full-time and to come home to fully charged 2 year old was like mission impossible. Until I slowly started looking into eating healthy and finding the right “plan” or “diet” for me.

I met Audrey and it completely changed my views on eating healthy. I did not want to do it because I was overweight or any healthy issues. I did it because for ME and my family. I did not like how clothes looked on me. I did not like the Isi I saw in the mirror.

I started eating right and noticing it on the scale and clothes.  Shakeology changed my life. I started from eating all kinds of junk food and everything that always kept me bloated and tired to having energy and looking better. It is an amazing feeling to see my results and that’s  what keeps me going.

It was not easy to adjust to a new lifestyle and coming from a Dominican family that everything that we knew how to eat was not good at all. I managed to make it work for me. I am very picky but I learned to make meals that are better and that I could actually enjoy.I started planning ahead all my meal and  that’s where I got the results. I am still working on my body. Still learning as I go but it is an amazing feeling.

My before picture was never posted before today because I never felt comfortable showing how I looked . It took me almost a year to make that change. I was in denial but didn’t know where to start. Finally I made the decision and these are my results.

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